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An Open Letter to WSJ Readers: 

We at the HumanAlignment organization are pleased and proud that the WSJ has chosen to validate our work with an article in their June 1st, 2010 edition. 

Wall Street Journal: For the Athlete Who Has it All

Since our inception, our researchers have pushed the limits of what we know about optimizing human performance.  Our operational team has transformed these discoveries into tools and technologies that everyone can use.  We've written bestselling books.  And now, Pulitzer prize winning WSJ journalist Kevin Helliker has helped us to reach a new audience.  We are grateful for the opportunity.

Do you want to learn more about how HumanAlignment can help you swim butterfly... and more?
We're eager to share.  Sign up for personal training.  Or sign up to be a beta user of the Human Alignment suite of services and products, or even graduate to become a HumanAlignment Coach.  Look for more information at or write to us here.

Are you an investor?
The HumanAlignment company is, at the moment, privately held.  If you are a potential investment partner who brings complementary skills to the table, contact us here to learn more about the opportunities.
Do you want to contribute to the HumanAlignment movement?
HumanAlignment is rapidly growing.  We are looking for well-qualified individuals to contribute in the areas of sales, marketing, programming, and management.  Begin the discussion by contacting us here

I look forward to expanding this rich and rewarding dialog...


Thomas Boettcher

CEO, HumanAlignment

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